Ways to Increase Libido in Women

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Ladies, Want a More Mature-Sounding Voice?

If you are plagued with a voice that sounds like a teenager (or even younger), have you ever considered a course in voice improvement? Sounding like a teen or preteen when you are 21 is one thing - sounding young or childish when you are over 21 and possibly looking for a job or a promotion is an en

Vaginal Sweating - Causes and Cures

Excessive sweating is a type of disease called hyperhidrosis. When such excessive sweating occurs in the vaginal area, it is called vaginal sweating; this is included under an infection called truncal hyperhidrosis.

Breast Surgery - Three Popular Types

Many women want some type of breast surgery, but they do not always know what is available. If you have a problem with your chest, there is likely a way to fix it. Just get to know the most common types before making a decision.

Introduction to Chemical Wrinkle Treatment

Some might say Botox injections are for the elite and exclusive. However, with more than 2.5 million treatments per year in the US, Botox injections are hardly exclusive. Despite recent economic slow down which has affected the sales of all luxury items including designer handbags and fine jewelery

Becoming an Obstetrician Gynecologist (OB GYN)

An OB GYN is a squat name for obstetrician gynecologist who is a professional who treats and diagnoses circumstances or medical tribulations allied with the feminine reproductive system. It can be a situation that might be related to severe matters pertaining to the reproductive system or it may jus

Smartlipo (Laser Liposuction) - What Type of Anesthesia?

Smartlipo offers a new method for fat removal that uses heat to melt fat. One of its potential benefits is to be able to do it under local anesthesia. This works for limited areas (two or three regions) but is ineffective for extensive work. General anesthesia should be considered with large body su

Best Anti Wrinkle Creams Help You Beat The Clock

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin that often appear because the skin loses elasticity as we age. While they can sometimes add dignity or weight to a person's overall look, more than anything, wrinkles are a sign that we are not exempt from time's unstoppable forward march.

Living My Dream Through My Sweet Tooth Beads

Ever since childhood, I have had a tremendous passion for stringing beads into whimsical and fun pieces of jewelry. I used to string anything that could be strung into something resembling jewelry - seashells, seeds, buttons and of course, beads.Ever expanding my growing curiosity to create, it now

Hair Extensions Explained: What Is Remi Hair and Other Questions

When it comes to hair extensions, there are a lot of confusing terms being thrown around. This article will explain what exactly is Remi hair, Indian vs. European hair, virgin hair, single-drawn, and double-drawn strands, while helping you choose the right extensions for your and your clients.

Trying To Get Pregnant - The Menstrual Cycle And When You Can Get Pregnant

Not getting a baby in the right time can really weigh a woman down and it has been known to be one of the causes of close to 30% of divorces in America alone. Pinpointing what your fertile day is to get pregnant. If you have been trying to get pregnant in vain, it could all be "missing" th

Loving Beautiful You - An article for Single Moms

In todays world of the perfect size and the perfect hair and high fashion, it can be difficult to accept yourself and take pride in the beautifully unique creation you are. However, as single moms, ...

Breast Augmentation Surgery and New Technological Advancements

Fascinating technological advancements are enticing more and more women toward progressive cosmetic surgery and breast augmentative surgical design. What women find most enticing about contemporary plastic surgery technique is that the patients have become the designers. Today, women are able to res

Home Remedies For Vaginal Odor

Being a woman often has it's challenges and dealing with the ups and downs is sometimes not that easy. At some point in our adult lives, most of us will suffer from problems "down below", a common one being an unpleasant vaginal odor.