Infant Deaths Spur Video Baby Monitor Recall

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Bad Behavior in Kids - Understanding it For What it Really Is

Children are here and now kind of people. What is important to them is what is going on in their immediate surroundings. They have no long-term goals and do not sit down and do any planning for the future. Their life is the here and now and from moment to moment life changes and so do they.

Evaluating Your Baby's Sleeping Environment

There are many reasons why you might have difficulty getting your baby to sleep. One possible source of problems is your baby's sleeping environment. If there is too much light or too much or too little sound, this may be a factor in how easy it is for your baby to get to sleep.

Inspriring Our Little Artists

How do you as parents encourage little artists?This article is a practical type written to let you know the find steps of being the wind beneath their attempts.

Family Tree Maker 2006

Find out how Family Tree Maker 2006 stacks up against its competition in the genealogy software market. A review by professional genealogist, Kimberly Powell.


Thanks so much to SrikAsh for submitting this picture of Sanja for the parenting babies and toddlers photo gallery.

Baby Sleep Tips - Developing Sleep Associations

Everyone who has had the experience of being a parent knows all too well the difficulties of getting your baby to sleep soundly throughout the night. The dark circles around the eyes of new parents are usually familiar to all those that have been around them. In terms of baby sleep tips, one of the

Setting Up a Standard Nursery Furniture Crib

When choosing the things intended for the baby, you would only not think of the quality but also the safety it will provide. In keeping your baby safe, you need to include the right baby furniture cribs for your newborn. This furniture at home is very important since it will be part of the growth of

The Absolute Easiest Way to Clean Your Home

Seriously, you won't believe me at first. There is a simple way to up the over all cleanliness of your least in the living areas. If you are an already neat person (like my mother), you have an advanced version of the same point. If you find cleaning a struggle, you have a simple deci

Preparing the School for Your Child with Down Syndrome

School can be a difficult place for children with Down syndrome -- academically, behaviorally and socially. Let the school know what your child needs to be safe and successful with these tips and printouts.

Preschool Alphabet Learning Activities

According to the United States Department of Education, children who start kindergarten with knowledge of the alphabet learn to read more easily than those children who are not aware of letters. In order to learn how to read, children must be able to name letters, recognize the first letter or lette

Tips on Choosing a Baby Car Seat

Baby car seats are very useful for carrying babies around especially for mothers who need to take their babies with them wherever they go. In most countries, they are legally mandatory if you are carrying babies in your car.

How to Know If Your Child Is Stressed and What to Do If They Are

Does your child often get sick or do they constantly whine and cry? Do they bite their nails, act out or often throw tantrums? Then your child may be stressed. Here is a simple guide on how to handle this and change things around for the better.

Finding the Right Child Care for a Baby

For a mother who wishes to join work soon after the baby is delivered, child care is a major concern. Whoever it is that will look after the baby, he/she will have to spend a lot of time with the child. Therefore, it is important that a careful decision be taken as to what mode of child care is to b

Why Do Babies Cry?

All healthy, happy babies cry - there is no exception to this rule. Crying is the only way a baby can let someone know that he is hungry, wet, tired, or sick. It won't take long before you can identify why your baby is crying simply from the sound of the cry.

How to Teach Children Goal Setting With Fun Activities

Children often struggle with delayed gratification, but teaching goal setting through fun activities encourages children to persevere in the challenge. Young children are concrete thinkers and need a clear plan with measurable steps to achieve a goal. Children are also more likely to follow through