3 Very Effective Diet Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Easily

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Health Effects of Being Morbidly Overweight

Being morbidly overweight is not just about the social stigma anymore. There are many health effects to being overweight. Whether it is just 10 pounds or 100 pounds, being overweight does a great deal of harm to the body as a whole. It hurts the cardiovascular system, interferes with how blood su

Fucus Vesiculosus: The Seaweed That Can Help to Lose Weight

Fucus Vesiculosus, more popularly known as the bladderwork is a brown seaweed that is known to have many uses. Found on the coastal regions of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, its discovery was made in 1811. It is known to be the first source of iodine.

How to Lose Baby Weight Fast and Safe

Pregnancy is a very sensitive stage in a woman's life. One important thing that an expecting mother should remember is that they need to provide additional nutrients for the baby. This means eating more food which also means gaining additional weight. These extra pounds or baby weight, don&apos

Weight Loss and Emotional Stress Eating

Eating when we are suffering from stress is one of the most common reasons why we either struggle to lose weight, or tend to gain weight. We often overeat to help eliminate feelings of emotional stress and turmoil. Each time we eat due to frustration, anger, upset, irritation or exhaustion, we are e

Diet Plan - the Essential Start

Starting your diet with the right diet plan is the primary key to success. Having the knowledge to achieve this is the first thing to consider before attempting and weight loss. I would like to ...

Diet Pills - How Do They Work

Are you very conscious about your weight these days? Have you been looking for the most effective diet you can use to reduce your food intake?

How to Take Off That Ugly Jacket Called Fat!

Stop looking for ways to lose weight right now! In this article you will learn how to lose weight the best way possible and develop six pack abs while in the process.

Love Handles and Why You Should Lose Them

Love handles are something that many people have and is something that many people are trying to get rid of. Here are some reasons why you will want to lose your love handles.

Stimulant Weight Loss

Stimulants are commonly found in weight loss drugs, both prescription and over the counter. They are also prescribed for control of attention disorders, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As the name suggests, these medications stimulate the

I AM Exercising! Why Don't I Lose Weight?

You're doing your 10,000 steps a day 7 days a week and you cut out a hundred or so calories of sugary drinks. So that's a pound a week gone right there, right? Not necessarily. Seems there's more to it.

How to Treat Newborn Acne

Newborn acne is a common condition, usually caused by the mother's hormones. It looks like small red bumps on the face, back, chest and neck. It can appear anytime from birth to about six months and almost always clears up on its own. It's not painful for your baby and isn't caused by anything you'

A Firm Toned Body is Your Ticket to Fat Loss

Say strength training exercise and many people think bodybuilding and bulking up. But nothing could be further from the truth. Strength training is undoubtedly the single most important tool in the fight against excess body fat and being overweight.

How Much Weight Is Healthy to Lose Each Month?

The South Beach Diet and the Vegetarian Diet are diet fads. Diet pills can also make you lose weight quickly. Who says losing weight fast is a good thing? Losing weight slowly and effectively, like the tortoise winning the proverbial race, is the best approach to weight loss. Losing several pounds e