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Homebrew Done Easy

How I learned the basic tips and tricks for successful home brewing. Getting started with homebrew was not as easy as I expected and finding some helpful videos made it a breeze.

How to Ferment Tomatoes

Fermenting tomatoes is not only a continued important means of preserving the fruit, but it also has an integral place in condiment history. Tomato pastes, fermented and combined with a variety of seasonings, eventually resulted in the ketchup that is such an important part of North American cuisine

Wu Long Slimming Tea

Does Wu Long Tea really help as part of your slimming mission? What is Wu Long tea? What makes it different? In this article is the answer to those questions and some evidence on the wu long slimming question.

Questions to Ask Prospective Wedding Reception Caterers

If you ask the right questions of the prospective caterers that you are considering, you will improve your chances of having a very successful reception. Be sure to get all the details before you hire someone.

How to Cook Kamut Kernels

Cooking kamut is similar to cooking rice, except it takes longer. Kamut can be found at many health food stores. It's valued for its high vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, thiamin and protein, which, according to Chef in You, has 30 percent more protein than wheat. Kamut is a grain with a rich

Food Safety and the Family Farm

Food safety is an increasingly important issue for people who care about their health. In the past few years, there have been a number of outbreaks such as E. coli in spinach, mad cow disease in cattle, and listeria contamination in packaged meats. Buying your food directly from small family-farm pr

A Fitter You with Right Food And Solgar

The secret to enjoy life sharper and longer is in going through a healthier body and a delighted mind. A decent body is also one of the prerequisites of a mind that is at peace. ...

Your Wine Deserve Wine Storage Furniture

For those who love and collect wine, wine storage furniture offers the perfect vehicle to display their collections.And no one would want to show off their prize bottles in an unappealing manner, any more than they would wand to frame a prize painting in a faux wood frame.

How to Cook Poached Chicken

Poached chicken is made by cooking chicken in liquid. While it seems simple to do, poached chicken can be dry and stringy if it is not poached correctly. It's very important not to overcook the chicken. It may be incongruous, but you can dry chicken out even when you are cooking it in liquid.

How to Cook Onions Faster With Salt

Slow cooked onions provide a deep base of flavor for many savory dishes. However, after working a long day the last thing you want to do is watch a pan of onions cook for an hour. If you don't want to babysit onions, use salt! Salt extracts the extra moisture from the onions while cooking, breaking

Compare Colon Cleanser Teas

There are plenty of different colon cleanser products that you can purchase, but many people do not know that it is possible to use a colon cleanser tea in order to clean your colon out entirely. If you are not comfortable taking pills, or if you would like to experience a more gentle way to clean y

Living in Mexico - History of Food

Living in Mexico is an exciting proposition for American retirees looking to relocate to the sun. One of the many new experiences the Mexican culture can offer you is a mouth-watering variety of ingredients. Many of of these you may be familiar with from your weekly grocery shopping, but did you rea

Biodegradable disposable plates - what is in it for you

Often leading an eco friendly life is considered a noble thing to do and everyone appreciates the fact that you are putting the society's interest first. It almost seems to imply that somehow you are ...

A Closer Look at the Wonderful Chai Tea

Chai tea throughout the years has evolved to a beverage suited for the taste of everybody. It has been well known because of its unique and irreplaceable taste. From its sweet, creamy and a bit spicy taste, who wouldn't adore the flavors offered by Chai teas?

Intense Competition In The Russian Vodka Industry

Vodka is a crucial component in Russian life. And in Russian death. Alcohol-related accidents and cardiac arrests have already decimated Russian life expectancy by well over a decade during the last decade alone. Vodka is ...

How To Brine a Great Turkey

Many people put a lot of thought into how they will cook their turkey for the holidays each year. Some will people will deep fry it, some will set it on a rotisserie, and some will do it the old fashion way and just bake it. Well whatever method works best for you, it is important to properly prepar