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Colon Cleansing Safety

People undergo colon cleansing to lose weight, eliminate toxins and parasites from their colon or to treat certain diseases. People can use oral colon cleansers or do colonic irrigation, which entails flushing the colon with ozonated water. Safety is of the utmost importance when one does a colon

Your Event. Our Expertise. The Excellent Recipe.

Unique Occasions, Distinctive CuisineEach aspect of our events are fully customizable, regardless of the dimension or taste. Choose from our in depth menu or work with our award-successful government chef on the menu; use our deliver-and-setup service or tap into our event staffing – whatever

Organic Food Information

Organic Food Information: The BenefitsOh how the world has changed over the last 50 years, not all of it has been good. As you are looking for organic food information you have obviously become aware that a better alternative exists and you are taking a critical look at the source and production pra

What Is the Nutrition in Ampalaya?

Ampalaya, or bitter melon, is the fruit of a climbing vine that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Ampalaya is high in important vitamins and minerals. It also contains plant constituents that have been used to treat the symptoms of many diseases. The Latin name of ampalaya is Momordica charantia.

Low Income Alcohol Detox Centers

Recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction oftentimes necessitates access to a medically supervised alcohol detox center. The reality is that the costs associated with alcohol detox can be significant in the private sector. Therefore, there are some low income alcohol detox centers available in many

Spiced Raisin Quick Bread

Raisin bread is spiced with mace or nutmeg and lemon and vanilla extracts. Use raisins or dates in this delightful raisin bread, a quick bread recipe.

Beet and Apple Salad with Pistachios and Goat Cheese

Opposing flavors create harmony of taste on the plate. Sweet beets here are paired with the tartness of granny smith apples. Pungent goat cheese is melded with the nuttiness of pistachios. This is a very delicious and complex flavored salad.

Fried Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Fried squash blossoms or zucchini blossoms are a wonderful summertime treat. In this recipe, the fried squash blossom are filled first with a combination of cheeses and herbs.

How to Insert a Meat Thermometer in Pork Chops

Everyone has a special recipe for pork chops. Whether you're making your favorite mustard-glazed pork chops or your mom's southern fried variety, keep food safety in mind when handling any type of pork. According to the USDA, you need to cook pork to 160 degrees Fahrenheit before safely consuming it

Characteristics of Digital Scales of Food

Experts report that without using a scale, recipe measurements can be 10 percent off.big green apple on electronic kitchen scales image by Dmitry Rukhlenko from Fotolia.comDigital food scales simplify day-to-day measuring tasks for a variety of people, such as bakers and cooks, strict...

It's About Time to Consider the Effects of Overeating

This disease or the effects of overeating to the body and mind can come in many different ways. There are immediate as well as long term effects that can really push the boundaries of human health. Some of the most obvious effects are physical discomfort due to the feeling of being overstuffed. It&a

Best Boston Restaurants For Music

We all have those nights when we just want to get our groove on. In fact, sometimes it is just a pure need.Everyone appreciates good music so I want to give you a guide for the Best Boston Restaurants for Music.

How to Bake Angel Food Cake At a High Altitude

An angel food cake, with its light and lofty sweetness, can make a simple and delicious dessert. Because angel food cake contains egg whites and cake flour and does not contain butter or oil, it whips up to be exceedingly light and airy. Pair angel food cake with fruit sauces for a low fat dessert.

Good Sources of Lean Protein

Milk adds healthy protein to the daily diet.Container of milk. Plastic milk bottle image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comChoose lean protein foods instead of full fat and you may help lower your cholesterol, according to the University of Southern California University Hospital. Full-fat...

Atkins: A Capsule Summary

A brief description of the Atkins low carbohydrate diet, with links to more information.