Feel Hopeless Fighting Candida and Doing the Candida Diet?

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This is another case where someone feels hopeless and need an input.
She has a colema board, uses it about twice a week, sometimes more.
She doesn't get results and is more cautious using it when she is binging because it turns into an addiction kind of thing.
When she is binging she doesn't take any of her anti-fungals or herbs.
She has the whole approach protocol.
She feels maybe she should just start it.
She eats a superfood every morning (it has a non-fermentable cervisae yeast in it, doesn't seem to bother her (vital nutrition plus).
And when she juices granny smith apples in it, she feels better.
They really don't trigger her as long as she mixes in with all that green food.
Her problem is the horrendous sugar craving.
She is going to start right now and stop binging.
One thing about the animal foods, although she got a telephone consultation from this man who wrote books on raw foods, healing, who cured his candida and he said that eating protein will inhibit the cleansing of her colon, that it is best to eat raw/juiced vegetables for one month.
So maybe for one month she will eat only vegetables and some granny smith apples, and after that introduce eggs and fish.
My advice is go to the WholeApproach website, there is a book they sell with it that is 'well' worth getting too - called Conquering Yeast Infections - it gives you clear directions on how to follow the purge and how and when to rotate your antifungals.
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