Matriarchy and Women

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Matriarchy existed in the early days of human civilization in many societies.
Today if we have to survive the chaos and tragedy that we are facing then the only solution is establishment of a matriarchal society which is based on creative and generative action.
Such a society functions with the principles of love, compassion, nurturing and with a purpose of unification of the positive, creative and generative forces of nature.
This is opposed to reductionism and self-interest which is the primary force of a patriarchal society.
As per the definition matriarchy is a term, which is applied to gynocentric form of society, in which the leading role is with the female and especially with the mothers of a community.
There exist many matriarchal animal societies including bees, elephants, and killer whales.
Primarily "matriarchy" is a family rule.
The main aspect of matriarchy is economical and communal property of the family.
Woman power is given to a female because of her motherhood and her maternal status in community.
Let me drive home the concept of a matriarchal society.
There are good numbers of examples around the world, where women, when they have taken up collective leadership and actively engaged in economic or social developmental activity it have led to profound generative changes in the society.
One of the case studies is the "milk revolution of Anand" which would not have been possible without the leading participation of women.
This is a cooperative movement where milk is collected by the community as a group and further it is processed to produce marketable milk products.
The whole project is a huge commercial success.
Further, this is one of the finest examples of economic and social empowerment of women which has helped the local community to prosper irrespective of any gender, caste or religion.
This is also an example of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment to create and generate a completely new structure irrespective of the help or lack of help from the external environment.
Milk revolution of Anand is case of total women empowerment.
It is a self-sufficient, economically viable positive movement that has given tremendous leverage and empowerment in the hands of women for the benefit of the local community.
This is a movement which is matriarchal in nature where cooperation and unification of forces has led to the creation and generation of tremendous wealth for the individuals of the community.
Such "cooperative movements" with women in the lead are the need of the day.
Such collective movements are required for creation and generation of wealth, for the advancement of science and arts and for pursuing a path of holistic growth in sync with nature.
Such structures of growth and advancement can be created across the world in every field whether it is economic, technological, social, religious or political.
These structures will function on the principle of love, compassion, nurturing and healing and with a purpose of unification of the forces of nature.
These structures will recognize the creative and generative forces of human beings irrespective of any caste, creed, religion, gender or racial divisions.
This is a new order which can bring in a new era of human development and progress in every field.
This new order of "matriarchy" is not communism as it does recognize the individual talents, faith, beliefs and aspirations of the people in the society or community.
It recognizes the generative and creative capacity of individuals for wealth creation.
Unlike communism, this order respects, promotes and rewards individuality even in a collective communal effort and envisions self-empowerment and entrepreneurship for growth and progress.
But this order is also not self-oriented blind materialism which thrives on manipulative, exploitative and unabashed consumption of the natural resources based on authoritarian power and control.
This is an order which is in balance with nature and can bring about the genesis of a learning and creative organizational setup in every field.
Such a setup is required for original artistic and cultural expressions, path-breaking scientific and technological advancements and creation of revolutionary thoughts and actions for economic growth, wealth creation and enduring social change.
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