Estrogen Dominance Symptoms and Causes

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Hormones are critical biochemicals that act as stimulators and regulators of many vital processes in the human body.
Some of these biochemicals are common across men and women while some are found in greater concentrations in each gender-Estrogen is one such female hormone.
It is found in trace quantities among males and is the most vital of sexual and reproductive health bio-compounds for women.
Along with progesterone, this biochemical establishes a vital balance.
This harmony is essential for maintaining a woman's overall health, including her metabolic activities and psychological well-being.
This is why progesterone and estrogen are referred to as primary, female sex hormones that affect nearly every biological activity inside a woman's body.
When this balance is compromised, many problems arise, both acute and chronic-one such type of imbalance is estrogen dominance.
Understanding Estrogen Dominance Estrogen plays an important role in regulating the development of the uterus.
It also ensures that female sex organs are in optimal health.
It also affects the ability of the woman to store fat, develop healthy bones, maintain the required degree of protein deposition and maintain sound mental health.
When the estrogen-progesterone ratio becomes too inclined in favor of the former, this condition is established.
Please note that there are some regular instances when estrogen levels might be higher.
This includes the temporary hormone-related changes that occur during and after menstruation.
However, as a medical condition, this disturbed ratio is diagnosed when estrogenic compounds tend to exceed and suppress progesterone and progesterone-influenced activities to the extreme.
Progesterone is needed for various functions that help the female to conceive.
This includes preparing the uterine lining for childbirth and ensuring the implantation of the fertilized egg.
In fact, the quality of the female egg, during ovulation, is also affected by progesterone.
With lowered levels of this biochemical, the affected patient finds it hard to conceive.
This includes instances of chronic infertility and miscarriages.
Usual causes of estrogenic dominance include the following: • Obesity • Exposure of chemical or environmental pollutants that stimulate excessive hormonal secretions • Stress-induced metabolic disorders or glandular dysfunctions • Poor metabolism where estrogenic compounds are not fully processed • Wrongly-administered Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) • Genetic hormonal imbalances • Overuse of birth control pills A series of symptoms can surface due to estrogenic dominance, such as: 1.
Mild Indications that tend to resolve over a period with regular medications and some precautions:
• Tenderness in breasts • Recurring headaches • Unexplained mood swings • Bloating and fluid retention • Slight weight gain • Abdominal cramping 2.
Moderate Symptoms that need longer medication regimen and systematic care:
• Continued menstruation irregularities • Decreased libido levels • Insomnia, including inability to fall asleep or restlessness during sleep • Significant weight gain • Thinning and loss of hair • Depressive tendencies • Feeling fatigued at all times • Onset of thyroid-related disturbances • Severe headaches, like migraines • Musculoskeletal pain • Slight prostate incontinence 3.
Severe Conditions that might need hormonal replacement therapy and a lifetime of check-ups:
• Uterine fibroids • Endometriosis (leading cause of infertility) • PCOS-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (leading cause of infertility) • Cysts in the breast tissue • Clinical, confirmed infertility • Tendency to age faster, like fastened wrinkling • Tendency to have more miscarriages • Vulnerability to having panic or anxiety attacks Considering the severity of this condition, treating it without seeking the advice of an experienced and certified healthcare practitioner is not recommended, particularly if the moderate or severe symptoms are indicated.
Natural (herbal) over-the-counter supplements can be used for the milder indications listed above.
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