The 11 Forgotten Laws - How They Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too

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I can honestly say that Bob Proctor and the ideas he teaches in The 11 Forgotten Laws have changed my life.
Before March 2010, I didn't know anything about the Law of Attraction, although I was aware of the physical effect that our thoughts can have on our experience.
My wife and I were feeling very unsettled financially and she was having some challenging relationship issues at work.
I went out on a limb and purchased Bob Proctor's material.
It has been one of the best investments that we have ever made.
It has radically changed our lives and the way that we see ourselves.
There has been a consistent boost of energy, focus, harmony, happiness and prosperity since we began working with the laws.
In fact, my wife and I sat down the other day and tallied up all of the unexpected gifts that we had received in the past three months.
Guess how much? We attracted over $6000 in free, unexpected gifts since we began aligning ourselves with the principles contained in these teachings.
These ideas truly are life changing when you apply them and, most importantly, when you discipline your mind to align yourselves with them all the time.
Now don't think that this mental transformation happens over night, because it doesn't.
There was a lot of mental rewiring that had to happen for us, but the beauty of it is that you can reprogram your mind and this course gives you 11 powerful laws to incorporate in to your life.
One of the best things about Bob Proctor is his ability to make abstract concepts very understandable and practical in every day life.
On top of this, the whole process is systematic.
In addition to the 95 audio tracks included, one of the best things about the 11 Forgotten Laws program is the step-by-step online workbook which not only lets you see how much you've progressed, but it keeps you on track and moving forward within the course.
Bob and Mary fantastically present the course material.
If you've never heard Mary Morrissey before then you're in for a real treat.
She adds great value to this awesome course.
One of the things that is not talked about as much but is a critical piece of this package is the online community support.
I was fortunate to be able to work on the material with my wife.
Together we were able to and continue to remind each other of the ideas that we are learning and apply them every single day, especially on tough days.
If you don't have a partner or friend to complete the course with or support you, then the online forum is the very best way to get the support you need to change your mind and manifest your desires.
Application of the 11 Forgotten Laws really can help you turn your life around and show you the potential that is inherent inside of you.
Today is the day to realize your power and take control of your life.
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