Are You Trying to Sneak Up on Success?

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Should you be your best or do your best? While that may sound like a pair of really essentially similar questions, they are actually quite opposite each other in some very important ways.
The first, be your best, is static and in being so a trap that can be difficult to escape when you are in the pursuit or feel for whatever reason, good or bad, that you have reached that pinnacle for yourself.
Striving to be your best is admirable, but most often leads to disappointment in results.
Who ultimately determines for you what exactly your best actually is? How is that determined? Are there specifics to that goal? Since we are each responsible for our own perceptions of ourselves and our productivity, outside influences aside, too often we fall into the prison of perfectionism instead of the free moving world of productivity.
Your ego also come into play, and the lack of self-confidence in having actually become your best since we know our own faults and shortcoming better than anyone else can, makes this a nearly unattainable feat for most people.
You also leave yourself open to self-recrimination.
Feeling sorry for yourself or even angry with yourself for not completing a given task or not following through on a plan with as much effort as you possibly could have applied may seem lime humility or humbleness, but is is more likely to lead to wasted time and energy and provide more excuses for your lack of productivity instead of motivation.
On the other hand, if you are willing to accept two things about doing your best, you will find this a much more productive path.
Doing your best as your goal means you have to let go of doing it perfectly.
For some this can be a paralyzing problem.
Doing your best is also a moving target and must first be applied to your current situation and the time frame for completing a specific task.
Your best means for right now, in this moment, with your currently available resources and skills.
"Right now" is the important consideration.
Getting caught up in "what if" or "If I had this" leads to procrastination and disappointment.
Get going at doing your best with what you have and accept that you are doing all you can for the moment, for today, for this task at this moment.
Doing your best in any given moment or situation allows for you to get your work done but leaves room for you to improve as you go or repeat tasks.
It is a difficult question to honestly ask and answer, but start your day or your work with the question of "what is the best thing I can be doing right now to get me to, or closer to, my goal.
Then get to doing it as best you can.
Doing your best does not mean perfect.
It just means you have done your best in that moment.
Apply this approach to as many aspects of your day as possible.
Make this the best job of brushing your teeth, straightening your work area, or talk with your friend that you can.
You will feel better about your productivity and results, and others around you will as well.
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