Why Affirmations Are Pathetic

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I shouldn't be writing this.
Affirmations are such big business for my friends and colleagues and the people who hire me.
And affirmations are stupid.
Why? When you can't get (or leave) a job, or pay your mortgage, or find a date...
chanting to yourself, "I'm a millionaire," isn't going to solve your problems.
Don't get me wrong.
I LIKE affirmations.
In fact I'm the kind of girl who makes things happen by thinking, "I want that.
" But I do a lot of inner work to make that possible.
Affirmations are like putting pretty make-up on a canker sore: it doesn't cover the problem.
I'm a little edgier than my Law of Attraction coach friends.
They say, "Change the way you feel.
Be grateful.
Visualize what you want.
" When I have my first session with a client, I say, "Go for the negative thoughts! Let's really find out what's there.
" Not just the stuff you know you think about money/love/yourself (cause really, it all ends up affecting how you feel about yourself, doesn't it?), but the stuff you had NO IDEA you thought or believed.
That's where the magic resides: that "Oh my god I never made that connection before!" stuff that you feel down to your toes and beyond.
This is Alchemy.
We create a POLARITY that acts like a slingshot that propels you from one world to the next.
When we bring all that to light and exorcise your Money Monster with Financial Alchemy, that's when we can move into love, gratitude and vision and have them mean something.
If you have some cancerous inner dynamic that is feeding on your personal power, your self esteem, your relationships and your business--the last thing you need is an aspirin.
Don't "feel better" without correcting the underlying cause.
You may take a couple steps forward, then find yourself back in the ER.
That's where affirmations fall short: they don't address the underlying cause.
It's time to open you up and suck out the poison! When your relationship with Money (which ALWAYS affects your relationships with family, partners, self-worth and empowerment) transmutes to a deep, committed, deliriously happy marriage, then any affirmation dressing you put on top of it will be magical.
I like to use the snake venom metaphor: suck out the venom BEFORE you put on the band aid (the affirmation).
Think of what happens when put the band aid on before you remove the poison...
the poison can't release, and it goes deeper and deeper into your blood stream.
You can watch a black line of poisoned blood creeping from the site of the wound to your heart itself, where it will kill you.
Affirmations are great.
They're also useless, worthless, pathetic and worse if that's as far as you go.
It's nice and safe (and lazy) to think that happy thoughts are all the universe wants of you to reach your goals.
Frankly I don't know how high you can "vibrate" if you're carrying a lead weight of unacknowledged rage, shame, fear and hurt behind hind the velvet curtain of your conscious mind.
There's a big difference between "I want to believe this" and "I DO believe this!" You have to do the real work.
I don't think a inner change has to take a long time.
In fact if you haven't experienced a PROFOUND shift in your very first session, you have the wrong coach! But you have to do the work and really want a change.
That's how you make an affirmation mean something: you are affirming the change that has already happened.
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