Fear of Criticism

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What is this fear of criticism? Is it something we're born with? NO! It is something that is FORCED upon us when we are young and that plagues us for the rest of our lives.
When we are children we have no idea of what criticism is until our parents, teachers and friends use it on us.
I remember well being chastised for doing something with words like this: "Stop that people are looking, you're embarrassing me!" "Don't do that! What will people think?" "You can't wear that shirt with those pants they don't match, people will laugh at you.
" Those are mild compared to what some poor kids have to go through.
But parents are not as bad as some teachers.
When I was in third grade the teacher, yes the teacher, made fun of select kids, arranged the kids in rows by the grade average they had in class and worse.
What I saw teacher do to kids probably had very negative impacts on their lives.
But the cruelest of all criticism came from your friends and fellow students.
What kids can and will say to other is some of the most hurtful and most negative of all criticism.
Its aim is to hurt pure and simple.
But what people fail to acknowledge is that kids learn this from their parents, or their parents are at fault for not disciplining their kids.
By the time we reach adulthood the criticisms we've heard are in the thousands and have impacted us in ways that are immeasurable.
We are afraid to speak to the opposite sex, to talk in front of groups, to dress wrong, to talk wrong, or to be laughed at or criticized.
By the age of 18 we are so influenced by others that we almost don't have a life of our own.
The first step to freeing yourself form the fear of criticism is to NOT care what others think or say about you! You must realize that you are a person and free to believe and think how you want and to do anything you wish as long as it doesn't impose on others freedoms.
You MUST start telling yourself you don't care what others will think about anything you do, only then can you begin to get free of this fear.
This is one of the hardest of fears to overcome because we are bombarded with it every single day.
People we love criticize us, people we work with, people we meet while shopping, ads on TV and radio, and every single place we turn.
We hear that our hair isn't right unless we dye it, cut it, style it; we aren't right unless we lose weight, exercise, or wear this brand of clothing or drive this car or own this type of home.
The things we hear and see are no stop and constant.
You must stop playing this game.
Look at the "styles" that are around today: people wearing their hats backwards, sideways or at angles; people wearing their pants down below the cheeks of their behinds; and many other crazy new fads.
When do you stop? If some idiot says wearing just your jockey pants is cool would you do that? How about removing the back of your pants so the cheeks of your behind show? The only way to be free of criticism is to stop caring what others are doing, don't be afraid to be you.
Wear your cloths the way they feel comfortable, by chasing the styles you are letting others pull your strings.
You want to be a puppet then follow the styles or become your own person and decide your own worth and beliefs.
You must believe in yourself and develop self-confidence to overcome the fear of criticism and go against what you "think" others may think or say.
Criticism is a method others use to control those they wish to control.
Break free today.
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