Why the Law of Attraction Isn"t Working For You, Here"s What You Need to Know

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Okay so you bought The Secret, you've watched the film and read the book and you've done everything you're supposed to do and yet you haven't benefited at all.
What are you doing wrong?Just how long do you have to sit around wait to see results from the law of attraction? Have you started to wonder if the whole thing is nothing but a con.
Do you wonder if the only people getting richer from the law of attraction are the people writing books about the subject? Don't waste your money buying any more books about cosmic ordering or the Law of Attraction, because doing so won't change anything for you.
The biggest secret is that there is no secret and to achieve the things you want you need to use just your abilities, common sense and put in a little hard work.
Stop believing in people who claim to channel entities from the hereafter who have the solutions to all your problems, or tell you you need to buy the latest book about the Law of Attraction.
Why should you waste your money on this information when you already have the answers within you.
Give yourself some credit, you are a unique and amazing individual and you are capable of so much,recognize this fact and use it to your advantage.
Stop relying on other people to provide the answers or to tell you what to do.
There isn't a quick fix, it's a process.
It's like a machine, you put something in and you get something better out Stop looking for an easy solution you need to put some work in if you are to benefit.
You never get something for nothing, the universe just isn't like that.
Do you really believe that you just need to make a wish and your dreams will come true?.
Come on guys, wake up and smell the coffee!Life just isn't like that, the achievers in this life are the people who know what they want and aren't afraid to go out and get it.
You need to start believing in yourself and start taking some chances, start trusting your instincts and your intuition.
Sure you will make some mistakes but you will learn from them too and also make some progress.
Make a list of the things that you want to achieve and think about what you need to do to get those things.
You will be surprised at how resourceful you can be if you apply yourself.
Look at your talents and see how you could turn those unique abilities into money making opportunities.
The only obstacle that stands in your way is fear, have some faith in yourself, try using positive affirmations to build up your self-confidence.
Live by a high moral code and stop judging others.
Try to maintain a positive attitude at all times, show appreciation for the people you love and have consideration for people who are less fortunate than yourself.
Be the best that you can be and your dreams will come true.
Start enjoying life Stop relying on other people to sort out your problems, take responsibility for your life and start making plans to get you where you want to be.
If all of this seems like a little too much work, then you won't progress, you willstay where you are and you will continue to be discontented.
Here's what you have to do in a nutshell:
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your life
  • Make use of your talents and abilities
  • Decide what you want from life
  • Plan how you're going to get the things you want
  • Give your goals a time frame
  • Take action
  • Review your goals at regular intervals and amend your strategy where necessary.
I believe if you follow these simple steps then you can't fail to be successful and I hope that this article has opened your eyes to the potential that you have within you.
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