How To Improve Moral By Using Employee Recognition Awards

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Office moral is often a sticking point for employers. It takes only one person to completely trash the moral of everyone in the office. If the working environment is a small office or business, that poor morale can even affect the employer as well and even though they're being disruptive, you don't want to fire a highly productive worker. You can try speaking to the person about his or her attitude, but that is often just a Band-Aid. It may only be a few days before they're disrupting the morale in the workplace yet again.

Instead of going through the ups and downs of having a few good days with that person, then reverting to bad days, try boosting employee moral for everyone in the office. There are ways that you can successfully boost employee morale and one good way is by giving out employee recognition awards. The awards could be for many things, including:

• Top customer satisfaction award
• Most productive employee
• Employee that brings in the most sales
• Most helpful employee
• Perfect Attendance Award (quarterly, bi-annually or annually)
• Most improvement in work product

You'll want to have a different design for each award so each recipient will feel extra special. For an employee that brought in the most sales, you might have the certificate printed on an "Excellence" certificate. For someone who went above and beyond, you might use a certificate that says "Above and Beyond" and has stars decorating the certificate.

By using employee recognition awards, your employees will have a tendency to become more competitive so they can have the privilege of having the award in their office or cubicle and having that positive mark in their employee file. This also benefits your business in other ways:

• Employees are friendlier to customers.
• Employees get along better with co-workers.
• Employees are generally more productive after an awards ceremony.
• Employees are not in-fighting with each other.
• Employees work better and longer with customers which can lead to additional same-customer sales.
• Customers enjoy coming into a workplace — whether office or retail — where the employees are happy.

Don't overdo the team-member appreciation awards. Targeting one area that needs improvement encourages your employees to work harder, but giving an award for everything causes employees to try for awards where they don't have to make changes in attitude or productivity.

You might have an award for a targeted area, plus one "for fun" award. For example, if you have an office that needs an attitude adjustment, use the productivity award, plus add an award for best attendance. Another example is if you have an office where employees generally have a good attitude but are a bit burned out on their jobs, take advantage of the customer service awards and add in a most improve award to help encourage better productivity.You can always add additional awards later, or you can change the awards offered on a timed basis — try to change awards offered each year.

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