Living A Thoughtful Life

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It's so easy isn't it, to get caught up in daily living, making a career for yourself and chasing achievement, and not pay too much attention to asking questions about how you live. In fact, you can choose to let everyone else make the decisions about politics and ethics, and just go with the flow. Why should matters like that concern you? Surely, you say, it's not up to you to ask at all - that's for politicians and philosophers and people who know what they're talking about.

Think about this for a moment. Were it not for the fact that ordinary people like you and me ask questions, and examine the way we live, and seek change for the better, it would be down to a handful of remote people making decisions on your behalf. About everything! About human rights. Community issues. Foreign trade. Care of the elderly. War.

Everything that you see and experience in the world is worthy of question.

That's why you really can believe in your ability to be a politician and a philosopher, and add to the conversation about what it is to be a human being in the global community. You are truly capable of it. And you have the courage to do it.

Giving someone a label doesn't mean that no-one else has the right to challenge what that person believes or how they act - you have the opportunity to make a difference by being always mindful of what you believe are fundamental requisites for living a truly compassionate and thoughtful life.

You can do this because you are committed to your journey to find the truth in your life and you have asked questions of yourself to understand what holds you back from achieving your goal. It's only a step away from really examining the beliefs and opinions you hold and questioning them to ensure that they are based on your inner truth and your commitment to it.

Living a thoughtful life is about understanding the ethics of how you live, and what you can change to improve the quality of life for all life on the planet. It means always re-evaluating your beliefs and having the humility to reassess them if you find that there is a more loving and compassionate way of thinking.

You have the power to change things for the better. Think about it.
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