To Command the Wind

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A Shaman performs a ritual when there is no rain to sustain the crops in the village.
An observer will think this ritual shrouded in myth and downright crazy, and yet he sees the rain come the following day.
Not just drops, but lots and lots of it, and the fields are restored to life.
One might say it was a coincidence, others will say it was just random chance.
And yet another would say he commanded the wind to bring the rain with it.
In "The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring" Saruman tried to bring down the mountain and so fellowship had to re-route to the city of the dwarves.
Having grown up in an upland farm where water was scarce, I had paid particular attention to the smell of the air when I was a young child.
I could sense when rain was coming.
We planted rice and rain during certain periods of time rain was absolutely necessary.
Irrigating the farm was out of the question.
My father always worried and when he did, I prayed that rain would come so that the fields would be watered.
Most of the time, it did.
Other times, it did not.
When it came everyone rejoiced.
I remembered having the idea of luxury as building one ot those gigantic water tanks which stored large amounts of rain water enough to use for a few months.
I did not like it when my father had to cart water from a well two miles away to use for our daily needs.
I love the smell of the earth when rain was about to come.
I had forgotten how it is.
I had been educated and trained as a scientist and was mired in the world of believing only what I observed.
The other day, a fellow scientist told me he was holding a note on his hand and he lost it, and it was with a sense of awe and amusement at himself when he was telling me this.
The bill was not on the floor, there was no one else close to him, he distinctly remembered holding it in his hand while it was still in his pocket, he looked the floor, and it was not there.
As I was cleaning the table of much unnecessary paper that was there, I found a note, a large one.
Equivalent to what he apparently lost.
There was only one thing odd.
His bill was in british pounds and mine was in US dollars.
Now I am back to when I was a child, believing everything is possible, as it should always be, as it is.
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