Why the Law of Attraction Alone is Not Enough

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A few years ago, the world was amazed with the information inside "The Secret," a book and movie about using the Law of Attraction to get you what you want. Today, millions of people are beginning to wonder if "The Secret" was just hype. Why? Because they tried what it told them to do and they failed to see the positive results they hoped for. In short, after continuing application of the Law of Attraction, their lives did not turn out to be better than they used to be.

The publishing of "The Secret" book and movie coincided with the arrival of "The Great Recession," so it's not difficult to realize how individuals could blame their failures on that but WAIT!!! Didn't "The Secret" say that the only thing you needed to do was to harness the power of your thoughts to acquire anything you want? So, was "The Secret" just hype? NO!!! It was just incomplete.

You see, "The Secret" was centered around "The Law of Attraction" but it left out the other 11 companion laws that go with it and allow it to work. Taken as a whole, all 12 laws are what cause the magic to come to pass.

The power of the mind to create is colossal. In the Bible, it states that God created man "in His image" and if God is the Creator then it follows that man is also gifted with the power to create. In short, we were all born with the power to create but only some of us have actualized the process of creation. That is all about to change.

What are the other 11 laws?

Working with the Law

We have all heard about Norman Vincent Peale's well-known book called "The Power of Positive Thinking." If we are to incorporate positive thinking as a means to change our lives, then it follows that we must, at the same time, train ourselves to shut out negative thoughts.

The Law of Thinking

The mind is very robust: Its thoughts can create and they can destroy. We need to vanquish our programmed inclination to think in the negative because this is the way to a successful life.

Why does the un-trained mind naturally have a propensity to think in a negative way? It has previously been trained negatively by our parents, the media and other people whom we let to put negative thoughts into our subconscious like "With my luck, it will probably rain and ruin the party!" This, instead of picturing abundant sunshine.

The Law of Supply

The Law of Supply, also known as the Law of Abundance, states that, in truth, there is always abundance for everybody. It is our programmed disbelief of the Law of Supply that bars us from unlocking the door to the treasure house that awaits us.

The Law of Attraction

When you are without funds, it may be difficult to imagine of giving to others and yet, you are able to see the truth of "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." It is giving that opens up the path for receiving. You always have something to give, although it may not be cash. How about your time, your labor, your assistance, your kindness or your love?

The Law of Increase

Where you place your thinking or praise causes that particular good to grow. Learn to give thanks for what you receive and resist the urge to complain about what you think you lack.

The Law of Compensation

Alter your self-image to that of a "wealth-attractor" and project that and only that. Look for, expect, notice and capitalize on everything that shows up.

The Law of Non-resistance

Learn to do away with the stress that stops you. Stressing over something never makes it vanish. Instead of worrying, look for what guides you. Learn how to love everyone, even those who harm you. Become a master of your life.

The Law of Forgiveness

Become an ever-flowing supply of forgiveness. Learn how to work with anger so that it can't block you. Learn what true forgiveness really is. Drive out demons from your past that live in your mind while influencing your thoughts.

The Law of Sacrifice

Learn to embrace discomfort and utilize it as a tool for positive change. Grow or die: Remove stagnation from your thinking process.

The Law of Obedience

Accept what exists. Follow the natural order of things. Don't try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Embrace your problems as teachers and NEVER panic.

The Law of Success

Teach yourself to "own" life and refuse to let it "own" you. Overcome the fear of failure by keeping your eye on your desired outcome. Learn to profit from so-called "bad news."

The twelve laws, taken together as a whole, will teach you so that that life can then demonstrate to you that your destiny is as boundlessly perfect as you plan it to be. There is simply NO OTHER WAY to change your life for the better.

(C) 2011 Robert M. Gillespie, Jr.

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