How to Defeat Mind Control Devices

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Is it possible to defeat a mind control device? Yes, I do believe it is, and I believe that some people who suffer from bipolar disorder may be able to do this better than others, and I'd like to explain my theory on this and why I believe it is so.
You see, a mind control device will control your thoughts in a given region of your brain, but if you have formatted your brain over the many decades of using it in a certain way the mind control device may have trouble controlling your train of thought.
By creating unique and different forms of associations when committing things to memory, and using a few whole brain thinking strategies, you may be able to easily defeat a mind control device.
Consider if you will the many theories and strategies that go into encrypted intelligence communications.
Often it's not just the encryption that matters, but the way in which the information travels, the frequencies it uses, and the mediums it uses to operate within.
If the devices that are being used engage themselves in frequency hopping strategies, it will be much more difficult to get the entire conversation.
This means you have a better chance of defeating eavesdroppers.
Now then, when we look at an organic mind and brain that is communicating with itself, perhaps a certain similar strategy could be employed.
It may be much easier in the future for mind control devices to scramble your brainwaves making it very hard for you to communicate within your own brain; self talk.
However, if you train your brain to run multiple frequencies at the same time, and use various brainwaves they would be unexpected to mind control devices, even if they have higher power settings to try to override you, you should still be able to fool them.
Why is this important? Because right now technology is being developed which can read your mind and determine what you are thinking or if you have hostile intentions prior to your acting upon them.
Therefore, such biometric type signatures might be used in airports to flush out terrorists.
There are studies going on right now to determine if those types of technologies are actually legitimate, and if they will not create too many false positives.
We will see in the near future if these technologies cut the mustard of empirical data or not.
I suppose some of them will, and the scientists and researchers will only get better as they work with better neurological sequencing equipment.
Eventually these technologies may be used for thought swapping technologies and the future of the iThink system - let's call it iPhone 12 or 12 generation smart phone technology (now we are at the iPhone III and IV).
Now then, as this technology gets better these devices will be able to read your mind, and therefore eventually get certain information or control your mind.
A brave new world indeed, and welcome to the world of 2084 - you might be saying to yourself.
But the brain is adaptable, and you can format your brain anyway you wish, and I believe humans will find the ability through trial and error to beat these systems.
Indeed I hope you'll please consider all this.
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