Positive Women: How Go With The Flow And Live In The Now Can Screw Up Your Life Forever

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When life gets rough, fortunately, women seek solutions and there are some great ones and some that are dangerous like "go with the flow" and "live in the now".
I know famous people tell you to do this so I will share why I think these can screw up your life forever so you can decide what is best for YOU, okay? "Go With The Flow" While it is easier for women to go with the flow instead of paddling upstream in this ever-rushing river of life, business, family and relationships, who created the flow you are going with? Did you? Did God? Did your neighbor,friend, coworker or boss? If you just go with the flow someone else created, you will end up where someone else wanted to be.
Where do YOU want to be? Isn't that important to you? "Live In The Now" As a woman, you can accept what IS and stop trying to change things, but who created what your "now" is? Who mapped it out? Did you? Did God? Did your neighbor, friend, coworker or parents? And what about your future? What do YOU want? Where do you want to go? If you live in the now, that's what you will focus on and you will never get anything more than what you have right now.
Don't you deserve more? Don't you deserve excellence and amazing opportunities, adventures and relationships? Is Your Life Exactly What You Want Already? If you already are and have everything you want, good for you, but you are not a positive woman.
Positive women never stop growing and wanting more of the endless opportunities life and spirituality have to offer them.
If someone: parents, religion, toxic friends or an emotionally abusive spouse said you should be satisfied with what you have and you believe them, stop reading right here because you won't like what's coming.
Life is supposed to be full of fun and empowering others with your excellence not full of suffering and settling for less than you deserve and desire.
~ Kelly Rudolph
I Say, "Create Your Own Flow THEN Go With It" Create the flow you want to go with.
Write down what you want to have, who you want to become, where you want to be.
Smell it, taste it, breathe it in, see it in vivid colors, feel it, LIVE it.
This is the flow you can create.
This life, this future, this powerful woman you have always been...
and have been hiding from the world because you were taught to do that as a little girl, just like I was.
I Say, "Create Your Ideal Future, THEN Live in It" You just created your future and THIS is where you live instead of the now.
Because living in the now gets you more of what you currently have AND THAT'S ALL.
Living in your ideal future gets you everything you've ever wanted and all you desire from now on...
if you do it right.
Stay tuned for more on that...
The excellence and passion in me recognizes the excellence and passion in YOU!
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