Mastering Motivation

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Every one of us has felt the surge of motivation well up within us.
To me, motivation is the product of inspiration, it's the last step in the process before massive and immediate action takes place.
When we allow our dreams to break through and become reality for us, we have utilized the magic of motivation.
So how can we stay motivated? Surround yourself with that which inspires you! Inspiration is the key.
That which you love and have a passion for is a good place to start.
Make a long list of all the things that inspire you, all the things you want to do.
List everything, no matter how small, and when you run out of things to write, list at least five more things.
This is the time to be abundant.
The next step is to look over your list and choose only one.
Yes, that's right, choose only one item on your list.
The one thing above all other things that inspire you, that you love and have a passion for.
Put the long list away, and write that one item down on a piece of paper and begin to brainstorm about all the reasons why you should have it.
Make the reasons up if you have to, make them positive and powerful.
Reasons like, "because I deserve the best," and, "it brings me great joy," are excellent reasons.
The goal here is to prepare your mind before any negative mind chatter creeps in or other people tell you their negative stories.
Remember this: every person who has ever succeeded in attaining a major goal has had to weather the storms of negativity.
Your job at this point is to give yourself a healthy dose of positive reinforcement.
Once you have your positive and powerful reasons, start to define small, manageable goals, the steps necessary to attaining the ultimate goal of the thing you desire.
When you focus on the single steps in front of you, while keeping the ultimate goal in your mind's vision, you will have the necessary fuel to keep your motivation alive and well.
In order for you to do the simplest of tasks, like walking across a room, you must first have the desire (inspiration), then know that you deserve it and can do it (motivation), then take the first steps (small goals/action), and finally arrive at your destination (ultimate goal).
All goals, large and small, are successfully attained in the same manner.
Once you have attained your ultimate goal, go back to your long list and choose another worthy goal.
Do the process all over again.
Make inspiration your lifestyle and motivation will certainly follow.
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