Understanding Mind Chatter

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The mind is a powerful tool and can be used to benefit us or create havoc in our life.
When I talk to people and they say I can't stop the chatter in my head I can identify.
I spent years battling this constant drone of voices and thoughts and it literally made my body shut down.
Energetically it said enough! This led me to discover how to end this cycle and get my health back.
Just by putting the intention out in the form of asking I started receiving guidance.
I was led to a book by Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now".
After reading this book others opened up to me and I noticed a trend.
People were starting to understand the link between their thoughts...
or lack of thought and peace of mind.
What I learned is as a spiritual being I am connected to a higher energy.
Call it what you want...
God, Higher self, universal energy.
I'm not only connected to it I am a part of it.
The higher self or god self has all the answers we require.
Our ego self has been developed into thinking we can analyze and think ourselves into every solution.
We tend to force everything into being.
The opposite is actually true.
When we tap into our higher selves the answers come to us without resistance, without effort.
It is called effortless creation.
Humans believe this is lack of control...
giving in, submission or surrender.
This is exactly what it is and the path to getting everything you ask for.
So what is your higher self? It is fearless, guiltless, compassionate and above all loving.
It is the pure essence of who we are not what we think we are.
We are pure universal energy...
nothing more nothing less.
Everything that you have ever heard has been stored in your subconscious.
We play these tapes of our subconscious everyday as scripts for running our lives.
What is stored in our subconscious manifests in our life if we consciously are congruent with the thought.
That means if we keep thinking either negative or positive beliefs they will manifest.
The key to this whole process is not thinking though so what do I mean by thinking makes it so? This is where I was confused for many years and the key to this whole law of attraction thing.
Succinctly put we are not the negative beliefs we have been led to believe we are.
So when we understand this then what is leftover.
"Our higher self which is genuinely who we are" We believe in lies that tell us that humans are:
  • Selfish
  • Cruel
  • Greedy
  • Loveless
And because humans act in this way we believe that is just what we are.
It's funny when we encounter people who are selfless and generous we don't get it.
We have thoughts like they think they are better than us, who do they think they are, or we may think them lovely but we feel lesser than them.
Humans in fact are pure divine energy and when we choose personally to believe this then our lives will change.
When we choose to believe we are essentially good then we can start to allow the goodness to flow to us.
So how does this stop mind chatter? Check your thoughts daily and see what comes up.
What thoughts are coming into your mind? Do you hear thoughts of jealousy, fear, judgement of yourself and others? What is your daily mind chatter? These are lies that have been fed to all of us.
We are evolving as a human race and the evidence is everywhere.
Books like the "Biology of Belief" by Dr.
Bruce Lipton and the acceptance finally by the allopathic health community that self healing and energy healing are the medicines of the future are clear signs of a shift.
What can you do on a daily basis?
  • When a negative thought comes to mind immediately let it go.
    Do not repeat it, try to justify it, or reverse it.
    Just let it dissolve.
    This will take practice but it is possible.
  • If you can't do this then when a negative thought comes up say " I am love" and keep repeating this.
    Even though this is a thought it doesn't feed or re-energize the negative thought.
    "I am" is simply saying "I allow my divine self to take over".
  • Make the effort to change what you view on T.
    listen to, and say.
    Negative attracts negative, drama attracts drama, love attracts love.
  • Read books, listen to music and interact with people that encourage self acceptance
  • You are good enough
  • You are love
  • You are anything you want to be
  • You already have everything you want.
    Just allow it
Like any process in life you must act.
To believe no action brings results is not reality.
Allow, be open to receiving and act when prompted.
Spontaneous occurrences of helpful people, books and new opportunities showing up are signs your energy is shifting to one of self acceptance.
Relieving mind chatter is the one greatest gifts you will allow yourself.
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