Creating WOW Service

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You are in the business of creating WOW.
Be so good that they can not ignore you.
Be so good that the only question of doubt is who is second.
Create your WOW with a gold dust in the air attitude and back it with solid goal directed action.
WOW comes from a positive attitude.
Attracting the top people to you stems from being a person others like to be around.
No one enjoys spending time with grumpy, complaining people.
It does not mean you have to turn cartwheels, most of us do not do that on a regular basis, but it does mean that you display a pleasing personality, zest for life and spirit of giving value.
Look at the WOW as W O VV - wealth of value value.
The key to creating WOW is doubling the value received by everyone you encounter.
When you interact with others in a spirit of giving value to them far in excess of the monetary exchange, you create a win win situation.
Double the value and you double the win.
Look at life and business in the spirit of looking in the mirror to see what you can give of yourself rather than looking through a window to see what the outside world can give to you.
Rotary Clubs International has a motto of service before self.
That gold dust in the air attitude epitomizes the positive outlook on life and the mission of giving value to others.
A person who is more concerned about giving value and excellent customer service than they are about their individual income in each interaction, will in fact receive more.
Greed is short term.
Value is long term.
Look at a W as two Vs put together.
Create a gold dust in the air attitude by expecting good things to appear, acting as if the good will appear and serving others by projecting the attitude of giving value to them.
Creating WOW is as simple as focusing on the value you give to others.
The top companies who thrive for the long term are always the top customer service companies.
It always costs less to retain a customer than to attract a new customer.
Customers stay where they are appreciated and receiving value.
Project a gold dust in the air attitude and others will feel good about being around you, customers will choose to do business with you and you will feel better about yourself and your business.
It really is as simple as having a gold dust in the air attitude and backing it with positive action.
That positive action starts with giving value and follows through with giving excellent customer service.
Gold dust in the air attitude 2.
Give value which exceeds expectation and price 3.
Give excellent customer service Develop a gold dust in the air attitude and back it with positive action.
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