Nuva Ring Side Effects Include Blood Clots, Pulmonary Embolism, Strokes, Heart Attacks

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Nuvaring contains a combination of estrogen and a synthetic form of progestin desogestrel. Unlike other birth control methods on the market, Nuva ring delivers a constant flow of these hormones to a woman's body throughout the entire month. Unfortunately, the combination of these hormones has been linked to causing serious side effects including death.

Nuvaring birth control has been on the market since 2001, and has caused numerous unnecessary injuries and deaths. Although knowledge of increased risks and chance of side effects have been known for more than a decade, Nuva ring has not faced an FDA recall.

However, the FDA confirmed as early as 1995 that Nuvaring does put users at an increased risk for serious side effects and death.

Nuvaring Blood Clot and Stroke Problems:

· Blood clots
· Pulmonary embolism
· Venous thrombosis
· Stroke
· Heart attack
• Additional side effects 

The above Nuvaring side effects can result in death, amputation, as well as permanent damage to the affected area.

Symptoms of Nuvaring Side Effects

Nuvaring side effects may occur suddenly without any symptoms, or may proceed the following symptoms. Anyone experiencing the following symptoms while using Nuva ring should seek medical attention immediately.

· Loss of vision, blurred vision, or sudden change in vision
· Sudden sharp chest pain and/or crushing, heavy, chest pain
· Severe headaches, numbness, dizziness, vomiting
· Sudden severe leg, calf, or lower abdomen pain

• Additional symptoms may occur. These symptoms may occur in the presence of blood clot, heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism.

Nuvaring Side Effect Lawyer, Attorney

Nuvaring side effects may occur to any woman at any time. Side effects may strike suddenly, or occur after experiencing symptoms. The following women may be at increased risk.

· Women over the age of 35
· Women who smoke
· Women who have high cholesterol levels
· Women who have diabetes
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