Top 3 Free Tips on How to Put the Law of Attraction to Work For You With the EFT Method

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These are my top three free tips, which uncover the secrets of the EFT method.
Following this method will allow you to release yourself of any limiting beliefs you might have connected with money or anything else you want to attract in your life.
So here they are: Tip No 1: Whenever you find time, tap on your karate chop point and recite an empowering statement Before you can attract the things you want to have in your life you need to eliminate the underlying beliefs, which prevent you from attracting them.
One of the best methods to do that is the EFT method, which uses tapping on specific body points to release negative beliefs.
What you need to do is start tapping on the karate chop point on your hand with the other hand and repeat to yourself your desired state in the form of an affirmation, such as "I am attracting $1,000,000 to myself.
" Then you repeat this process for several days and stick with it even if you notice some kind of pain in your body and internal opposition.
If you persevere, you will eventually eliminate the negative belief.
Tip No 2: After mastering the karate chop point proceed to the other eight power points The discreet version of the EFT system employs only the karate chop point, but if you want to achieve even better results, you should also include the other 8 points.
By reciting your affirmations and tapping on each point consecutively, you will be able to drive any limiting belief out of your mind and body.
These 8 points are the top of your head, the eyebrow point, the side of the eye, beneath the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, the collar bone, and under the armpit.
By consecutively going over these points while reciting empowering statements, you are giving your body positive energies, which will in turn allow you to replace the limiting beliefs, which have been responsible for your lack of success in getting what you want up until now.
Tip No 3: Get an instruction guide to teach you the correct EFT process The best that you can get in the written form is an introduction of the EFT system.
To really master it you would need to listen to a certified EFT instructor and follow their guidance to master the system and really achieve the results you desire.
EFT is usually done in groups, and it is really effective when you connect with the energies of other like-minded individual.
Furthermore, the EFT process can become boring when you do the same things every time and are unaware of how to bring in variety to make it more useful.
A good instruction guide with the proper sample sessions would really be of great help in every case.
These were the top three free tips for how to make EFT work for you in attracting whatever your heart desires.
You can really have it all - money, health, happiness.
You just need to know how to employ EFT properly.
So you want to attract wealth, right? If you want to do that faster and in a more effective manner, then I advise you to consider investing in a special instruction guide, which will show you how it is done for best results.
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