The Saved Saver: Couponing With a Twist

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I am always looking for ways of helping women meet their needs both spiritually, emotionally and naturally.
Through my own need, I discovered a creative way of helping women meet the need of providing for their families.
A year ago my family's income was not sufficient to keep up with our needs.
I prayed, and the answer I received led me to the Bible to read about Joseph (Genesis 41).
In the scripture Joseph sought God for wisdom about a dream that pharaoh wanted him to interpret.
The dream was the foretelling of a time when there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of lack.
God instructed Joseph to create a storehouse during the time of abundance so there would be plenty for people during the time of lack.
How does that apply to couponing? This was the way God answered my prayer when I asked about ways of providing for my family.
What I discovered was the opportunity to help others, while helping myself.
When I began couponing my household allotment monthly was $500 for a family of 5.
We ran out of almost everything by mid-month.
I thought I was doing something wrong until I read an article that stated a family of 4 spends $800 a month on average for food.
I simply didn't have enough.
Fast forward a year later and I have saved over $7,200 by couponing and have amassed a stockpile of items that I use for my family and for helping others in need.
What's the twist? The twist is taking something that helps you and extending it to helping others.
Couponing is a legitimate way of accomplishing the goal of providing for your family and for others.
Here are a few tips to help you get started: Start slowly.
The best way to start is to take an inventory of what your family needs.
What things do you use and how quickly do you use them? This will help you to prepare to build your stockpile.
Get a newspaper or two and start clipping.
It really is that simple.
The coupons you don't need pass them on to someone else or pass them out while shopping in the store.
Print a copy of your local stores couponing polices to make sure you are following the rules.
You want to save, but not at the cost of leaving a bad impression at your local stores.
I have several stores that refer to me as "their coupon lady" because I make sure I am always courteous.
Get a buddy.
When I first started, I had my daughter's help me with clipping coupons and creating menus for the week.
Try working with a friend as both of you learn together.
When you are comfortable with couponing, you can begin to teacher others, passing on the wisdom.
Give back.
Part of the twist of couponing is looking for ways to help someone else in their time of need.
Imagine spending the same money you have each month but getting anywhere from 40 to 50% or more with it? On average I save $556.
This means I spend $500 but I get $1056 or more worth of products each month.
Image how many people we can help if we get together with others? If 10 people stockpiling $7,000 in a year that's $70,000 worth of products to help our neighbors, families and those in need.
Lastly, you can get coupons from different online coupon sites, Facebook, manufacturers and from your local stores online sites.
Start slowly and keep at it because it will be worth it to create your stockpile.
How wonderful to become a place where others can turn when they are in need? One of the greatest acts of service is helping others meet their needs.
God showed Joseph how to create a storehouse to provide for the needs of people during his time, and He will do likewise for us today.
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