Unconditional Love

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We are all creations of God's image.
Essentially there is only one of us in this universe.
Given that Love is the resource of the entire Creation, we all will be unconditional loved and supported from nature.
However love needs to be put in motion, will it be noticed and experienced.
It is like a latent Force, that needs to be stirred up to finally realize what it means in our lives.
Everything in the Universe is energy, ceaselessly in motion and in circulation.
As an exhalation creates new space for a new inhalation, everything that we give, creates new spaceto receive.
All we give with all one's heart, will once somehow or other, multiplied be returned! That is why the best investment for the future is to let Love flow.
Let your Love flow without restraint, unconditioned and heartfelt.
This is living from an open heart, which embraces the entire Creation.
We would not be able to love somebody else, if we did not carry love within us.
Our heart is filled with love.
Every one of us has at one's disposal so much love, that we would be able to fill the entire universe with it.
Love is an engagement of your heart and not a calculated decision from your mind.
If your heart send out Love, there are no ulterior motives.
However if your mind decides to Love, there must be a snag somewhere.
The mind leaded by the ego, calculates first what can I gain from it.
The ego likes to measure Love into doses and let Love flow or stops love, depending on what it likes to do at the moment.
However Love does not let itself measure in doses.
Either Love is given completely or Love is restrained, there is no comprise.
In the Universe there is no lack of Love, only the thought that Love is not available.
If people can only give us their love or respect if we have fulfilled their criterion, what is the real quality of their Love How much value does their respect really have ?? Is it coming from their heart or from their ego?? Their love is just conditional and therefore not sincere.
Are we going to settle with this conditional love all our live time, or do we want to feel the sensation of really be loved like the way we feel at this precious moment? I ensure you such a unconditional Love is possible.
We do not need to possess anything or anybody and it is not depending on anybody's laws or mode of life.
Love is not liable at performance, what ever we do or do not do.
Unconditional Love comes from your inner being, from the core of your heart , from your sole.
It flows from the embrace of your own being and all itsmanifestations.
Withinyour self-being is the Source of authentic, pure andnot simulated Love.
The Soul does not make itself subordinate at exterior results and never measures her self-respect at the instability of the situation.
What ever happens, or which decision we take, Our Self Inner Being, The decision-maker , always will be inviolable! Every doubt or judgement about this subject is an illusion of the Ego, which locks up itself in a dualistic conscious.
Our Soul prefers to put its attention on the challenge of being spontaneous creative Instead of tryingto prove how successful she is.
She gives herself all the liberty to expand in a relaxed way, to evaluate or to grow, because the choices are not longer linked to self-judgement.
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