The Closer Mentality

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The closer on a baseball team must have a mentality that sets him, or her, apart from the rest of the players in the sport.
It is their job, to step in at the end of the game, and hold the lead, that has been worked hard for, during the course of the whole game.
Not only is everyone on the team depending on you to come through, in the major league scenario, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, are anxious for you to come through like you always do, or should do.
The quality I want to focus on is the ability to bounce back from such a terrible failure.
You don't have to search to hard to find examples in professional sports, I can think of two amazing examples just in the past few days.
Mariano Rivera and Jonathan Papelbon have both blew games in the last week.
Rivera gave up a grand slam home run, which is very rare for him, to lose the game to the Minnesota Twins, and Papelbon gave up two home runs to their arch rivals, the New York Yankees for their walk off win.
As disappointing as the losses are for the team and the thousands of fans, what I find more interesting is the closers ability to bounce back.
We can all take note of this characteristic and apply it in our daily lives.
One of my favorite quotes is from Herman Melville; "He who has never failed somewhere, than man cannot be great.
" When we fail, and we will many times on our road to success, adopt the closer attitude.
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