Temporary And Permanent Reality Explained

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Reality can be broken down into two basic types.
Temporary reality and Permanent reality.
Temporary reality must be sustained by continuous attention and thought or it dissolves.
Whereas permanent reality doesn't require anything from anyone and will remain real forever.
Almost everything we experience is temporary reality.
But the experience itself is a Permanent reality.
You have the experience here in the present moment, then it is gone.
The fact that you had at least a perceived experience is forever true and real, and is a part of everything you know forever.
I believe that there is an actual moral right and wrong.
Regardless of what anyone thinks these morals stand on their own to be permanently true.
One example is the fact that it is morally wrong to harm another person for your own form of sick pleasure or personal advancement of some kind.
Most of the other rules of society, business and government are types of temporary reality.
We made them up.
We can change them if we all put our minds to it.
It will take some degree of effort to create a different reality for ourselves.
We have made a very powerful temporary reality by how interwoven it has become in every aspect of our lives.
We can't simply abandon what we have created and just start something new.
That would lead to terrible chaos and suffering.
We have to slowly put more and more of our creative powers into what kind of world we really want to live in, while at the same time slowly stop sustaining what we don't like and eventually replace it.
Even the laws of physics as we know them are not permanently real.
Whatever is behind the physics would be real.
Permanent reality creates the physics and the laws they follow.
The substance of the universe is temporary and did not create itself or somehow just appear from nowhere.
That is a comfort that scientists like to believe in because they can't seem to deal with the fact that we really haven't got a clue.
It doesn't need to be scary.
It can be awesome instead.
Something unfathomable to at least most of us is what it is that is behind physical manifestation.
Let's not get religious about it either because it still provides no true knowing.
Many will argue this, I won't.
I do know that whatever is behind all of creation as we know it is something that must exist.
It is not possible for it not to be.
It, by its own nature is permanently real and well beyond our current comprehension.
I believe it can be known, but to do so we must develop well beyond what we can now imagine.
This topic is very involved and I'm sure I will return to it at some point.
I hope you have at least gotten the basic idea of temporary and permanent reality and how it can be used it your own personal development and self-improvement.
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