Who Do You Let Speak Into Your Life? Powerful Mentors

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I have an acquaintance introduced to me by a powerful group of friends (pay attention when successful friends introduce you to their friends!).
I consider her a mentor though she may or may not remember me.
We spoke only on a handful of occasions and yet I consider her a powerful presence in my life and think of her often.
Much like folklore, I am sure I have elevated her to greater heights than may be humanely possible.
Her influence has touched me, inspired me and challenged me to be much of the person I am today.
I give time energy and resources to charity and to community in ways I never knew were possible.
This woman started with a well known MLM in the 70's and grew an amazing business.
She started with a small goal and a dream to improve her life and travel.
She needed extra income to do that.
Now, she does business in more countries than we have states.
When she opens her business in each new country she requires her leaders to give 10% of their income to projects or causes in their country.
In addition, she pledges 100% of hers.
She frequently says that she makes a ton of money so she can give it all away.
I too would like to be filthy stinking rich so I can give it all away! How about you? She has been responsible for for building clinics, roads, and orphanages.
Feeding hungry children and putting shoes on their feet by the thousands.
Not only that but she inspires others like me to give of themselves and their resources in a ripple effect that is immeasurable.
It must be in the millions a year and countless man hours directed to making the world a better place.
Did your dreams, goals and aspirations just get bigger? Will anything in that get you out of bed earlier or keep you up later working on your self and your business? Who inspires you?
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